On May 6th, 2018, I completed my Peace Corps service and returned to the United States. It’s taken me a very long time to write this post. Part of the reason is because I’ve been so busy since I’ve returned, I’ve only recently begun to feel like I have my life together. Part of it … More Landing


For two years my best friends were eleven little kids; Jess, Chiygo, Innocent, Johnny, Vitu, Jamuse, Sam, Etton, Alimony, and Martin. Etton, the youngest, was just a little when I arrived but started school my second year. I watched Jess, the only girl and a bit of a diva, grow from a spunky kid to … More Backpacks

Cross Site Visits

Cross site visits, AKA visiting other volunteers in their villages, is one of my favorite things about Peace Corps. You get to go see how other people live, but faces and places to stories you’ve heard about, and experience different parts of Malawi. A few weeks ago I went to visit the closest environment volunteer … More Cross Site Visits

Christmas in Masedu

This is the second Christmas I’ve spent away from my family, away from snow and peppermint cookies, decorating the tree and opening presents on Christmas morning. Last year I spent the holiday at a lodge in the mountains overlooking the lake, and while it was fun it felt hollow. Eating good food and drinking nice … More Christmas in Masedu

Eating Bugs

It’s rainy season in Nkhata Bay, which means all the freaks come out to play. Creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes worm their way out of the mud and into my house. I’m on scorpion alert. One of the more welcome of these winged visitors is the flying termites. They crawl out of the … More Eating Bugs