Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, mean absolutely nothing in Malawi. It’s not that we’re in the southern hemisphere, and we don’t live (like many people assume) in humid equatorial squalor. Malawi, especially the northern region of Malawi where I live, has four very distinct seasons which vary wildly by district. The mountains, Great Lake, and variations … More Seasons


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. A combination of my twelve kilometer cycle to the nearest electricity source, the fact I need to climb six feet in a mango tree to get decent cell service, and my lack of desire to do anything other than binge watch Gilmore Girls when I do have a … More Community

Fishing for Tomorrow

In the nine months I’ve lived in Malawi, the most Important thing I’ve learned is that the overwhelming majority of aid organizations don’t benefit Malawians. Well intentioned Americans and Europeans roll into my village every few months in shiny white landcruisers, holding meetings in English and bribing local’s attendance with biscuits and soft drinks. Sometimes … More Fishing for Tomorrow

What Not To Wear

What Not To Wear When you take the oath to become a Peace Corps volunteer, you swear to operate under conditions of hardship (if necessary) to provide skills and aid in the development of your host country. And throughout its 50 year history, Peace Corps has exemplified this committment by operating in underdeveloped, impoverished, and … More What Not To Wear