Sunrise on The Lake

In a village without electricity, I go to sleep at 7:00 and wake up at 5. Sunrise is my favorite time on the lakeshore, when the air is clear and the Mozambiquen mountains are visable on the horizon. For the past few days the winds have been so strong fishermen can’t go out on the … More Sunrise on The Lake

Learning from Lakes

I grew up watching the sunrise over Lake Michigan, on Milwaukee’s concrete, post-industrial shoreline. While I never had a particular interest in the lake as a kid, it was too cold to swim in, too big to row on, Bradford Beach too crowded and littered with trash; I remember it as an imposing presence. As … More Learning from Lakes

Tree Nurseries

Last week my counterpart Danford (on the left) took me to meet two of his most motivated farmers to show off their plantations. In true Malawian form we showed up unannounced and were greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm from the farmers, who were so proud of their work.   Seed production and sale of saplings is … More Tree Nurseries

Nyumba Wangu

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been at site for three weeks. Time is flying by, but I don’t have enough of it right now to write a lengthy post. So instead I’ll just post some pictures of nyumba wangu (my house) to appease everyone that keeps asking me if I live in a … More Nyumba Wangu

Gule Wamkulu

There are many tribes that compose the warm heart of Africa, each with their own unique language and culture. These languages are broadly grouped in the Bantu dialect, with all their names starting with Chi. Here in Nkhata Bay I live with the minority Tonga tribe and speak Chitonga. Other minority languages include Chilambya in … More Gule Wamkulu

Write to Me!

This week I got a new home and a new PO box. I have lots of free time and no internet access, so if you write to me I can promise you’ll get doodles and stories of my misadventures in return! Megan Ewald Private bag 126 Mzuzu, Malawi Africa

Moni from Malawi

Hello, or as they say in Chichewa, Moni from Malawi! This time last week I packed up all my worldly possessions into two bags and cried as my mom dropped me off at the Minneapolis Airport,  and just seven days later it already feels like a lifetime ago. The flight to Malawi was a little … More Moni from Malawi

The In Between

Ask any college senior and they’ll tell you the last year of higher education isn’t about classes, it’s about finding the answer to that omnipresent, terrifying, question: What’s your plan after graduation? I am one of the lucky ones, with a short term and a long(er) term answer. I had a summer fellowship working in Michigan, … More The In Between

529 Days: 1 Year, 5 Months and 11 Days in the Peace Corps Application Process

529 Days: 1 Year, 5 Months and 11 Days in the Peace Corps Application Process Almost a year and a half ago I was hyperventilating over potential spelling errors, my college roommates cheering me on, as I pushed the “submit” button on my Peace Corps Application.  And of course, they posted a video of it on … More 529 Days: 1 Year, 5 Months and 11 Days in the Peace Corps Application Process